Blogging is therapeutic.

So, am I no longer the cowardly moron who doesn't even have the courage to make that one cut that will solve all her problems you ask?

Well… That I still am.

But that excruciating pain tearing my heart at every beat... is a little less excruciating today.

Head vs Heart

Disclaimer: Contents not appropriate for all readers. Discretion is advised. 

Head:      Are you insane darling? No really. Why in god’s green earth are you watching him romance ‘his perfect wife’? You freaking moron, not only you have box seats to their love story, you have live commentary!
               Are you so blind that you can’t you see that it is killing you?
               Tell me it doesn't shatter you to see him do the things you taught him to love with someone else. Damn you. I can see you sobbing till you you have no more tears to shed.
               Don’t you see you never mattered? Again and again he has not chosen you. He does not see you hurting, he does not feel your pain.
               Please darling walk away now. Please. Walk away before he tells you to leave.
               Why can’t you just effing walk away before it effing kills you?

Heart:     Because I love him so.