"X" is for Xacuti.

"Xacuti or Xacutti is a curry prepared in Goa, India, with complex spicing including white poppy seeds, grated coconut and dried red chillies. It is usually prepared with chicken or lamb." This is what wikipedia has to say about Goa's famous curry.

Couple of years back, a bunch of us visited Goa. It was probably the third day of the trip and nothing seemed to be going right. The hotel had double booked us, the cab was late by a couple of hours, the guide was AWOL, the traffic was bad even the weather turned against us. Tempers were already running high when we finally stopped for lunch late in the afternoon. It was closing time for the kitchen and the only thing we could get was xacuti. I decided to go for it and my friends probably too indifferent by then did not argue. 

We sat in uncomfortable silence as we waited for the food for fifteen minutes, when the wait staff placed before us plates full of steaming hot rice and delicious smelling dishes of xacuti... fish, chicken, lamb, egg I had ordered it all!... The uneasy silence was replaced by the gentle clinking of the cutlery, everyone seemed to be lost in the plateful of flavor in front of them, completely oblivious of the world around. It was only after the first plate was wiped clean that a trickle of conversation started and before we knew it we were once again enjoying ourselves, the mishaps of the day long forgotten, over delicious plates of spicy xacuti!

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