Reverse Bucket List

Now, this may seem like I am on a brag-a-thon. And at some level I am guessing it is. But given the 1+ readership (the 1 being me) I have managed to retain for this blog, I am hardly offending anyone :)
So here is a look backward at all the things that I have done.
  1. Started a blog.
  2. Got a tattoo.
  3. Got a Degree.
  4. Loved my job.
  5. Lived abroad for a year.
  6. Got awarded a state rank in High School.
  7. Went Zip Lining.
  8. Dipped my toe in the Atlantic (and eventually fell in)
  9. Visited Disneyland
  10. Rode a camel in the desert.
  11. Walked around Times Square (and fell in love with NYC)
  12. Visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter ♥ 
  13. Fell in love.
  14. Went Para-sailing.
  15. Visited Mark Twain's house. (The first novel I ever read was Adventures of Tom Sawyer)
  16. Drove to a different state just to have lunch !
  17. Traveled to all the states of New England (except Maine).
  18. Rode the tallest, scariest ride in Six flags (albeit by force!).
  19. Rode a horse on a beach.
  20. Jumped with joy when my blog was shortlisted for the Indi Bloggies.
  21. Watched the sun rise from the Bay of Bengal.
  22. Watched the sun set in the Arabian Sea. 
  23. Threw a fabulous 25th anniversary party for my parents!
  24. Watched the sun set in the Thar desert.
  25. Went on a dinner train.
  26. Seen a double rainbow.
  27. Went on a lunch cruise.
  28. Went to a movie premier.