Death and dying

Jumping from 150 ft on land i.e., roughly 15-20 stories of a building is 98% fatal. Cutting your wrist is only 6% lethal. I know these numbers because I have spent hours looking them up on the internet.

I hate my life. That should scare me. But it does not, I am too far gone to care. 

I did not struggle to be free when you tried to strangle me to death because I no longer care. I have been dead for sometime now, my body just has not caught up with my heart.

Saying Goodbye

To the little girl who ventured out after lights out to see a ghost. To the little girl with a stray pet cat. To the little girl fell off the jet ski into the Atlantic and laughed because she did not want to die scared.  To the little girl who bought two pairs of expensive shoes in the exact same design but different colors because she couldn't make up her mind. To the little girl who believed in magic and fairy tales. To the little girl with a little bit of madness.

Saying good bye to the little girl, to the grown up little girl, who has been running away from good byes all her life.

Purple Star

Every time i touch it, i see you in my mind's eye being there for me, keeping my hurt at bay.

One day the outlines will blur and the colors will fade, but the star will always be a part of me. Like the part of my heart you will always have.

You are my purple star. today. forever.

A post from another time, another life.