To New Beginnings

And Remembering.

I have forgotten my first kiss. I remember who it was with. I think I remember when it was. But that’s it. I do not remember anything else. I do not remember how it felt. Most of all, I do not remember how my heart felt.

Yes. Everything fades over time. No matter how intense a memory... it still fades.

Years from now when us is just a memory locked away in the abandoned corners of the mind. I want to be able to look back at this pages and remember.
Remember the flip-flops of my heart everytime I see you smile.
Remember the song in my head everytime we held hands.
Remember how warm your hugs felt.
Remember the kisses.

I want to remember how it felt to be in love with you.

I want to remember every memory that we have created together.


Shout out to my annoying cousin who pestered me every phone call to get back to blogging !