When I was little, every time someone asked me who I wanted to marry, I would say, “An Englishman of course!”

And, for a long time I thought the words “I love you” did not sound as good in any other language... Perhaps that explains my obsession for Englishmen *wink*

But now I am older and ...atleast I like to think... wiser, I know,
Love needs no language.

I forgot.

If forgetfulness is an art, I am THE master.

I have always been forgetful. I used to forget lunch boxes and home work assignments, sometimes even tests ... twice actually, and in both cases it was English tests. Phew! ...
and now I forget appointments and status meetings. I used to end up going for breaks at exactly 10:28 and miss the 10:30 daily status meetings INSPITE of outlook reminders! Go figure!! ... thankfully new Lead calls for Weekly meetings only, that too, she forgets!!

But what I did yesterday takes the cake.

I sent a status mail without the status... Non IT people read I made apple pie without the apples
Yeah, sure... people miss subjects, attachment. But your truely missed the body of the mail!

To: S; A (onsite coordinators)
CC: TL & Team

Hi S-
Please find below the status for P08-7987b.

[*The Status goes here.. but DID NOT*]

[followed by fancy signature]

Yes, that’s it. I forgot to insert the colorful table I had prepared... yes colorful, I am after all me *wink*
My onsite coordinator had a gala time replying to the mail.

:) Blank Execution Status !!!!!! Zero Progress ??
- S

I am trying very hard to visualise what the execution status looks like. Or is this an innovative way of saying no progress ;)
- A

Thank God for cool OCs!

New Decade

At the stroke of midnight, we watched the stars that lit the velvet skies float gently down to earth, like dandelion dusts... sparkling dandelion dusts...

My new year began beautifully. Hope yours did too.

Happy 2011 to you all!