Anything for you, my love.

I would go that extra mile, just to see you smile. Where the roads are warped and haunted, and the path is laid in jagged stones, I will not dither. It is just an extra mile, and I am walking it for you. So what does it matter if I am a little unsteady on my feet; stumbling and clutching, falling and tripping? So what does it matter if my feet is soaked in blood and my soul is weary? For in the end, I will gently wash my hurt and put on my silken dress and my fancy boots to greet you in the foyer. And watch your smile twinkle in your eyes like a million fairy lights; like the fireworks in July.

But sometimes, just sometimes I wish you’d see the bruises my fancy boots hide or the weariness in my eyes. I wish you’d kiss my hurt and say, "Next time I will walk the mile with you".

Once upon a December morning.

You smelt of winter, of the silvery mist at day break... of the bitter sweet hot chocolate in enormous white cups with snowflake patterns on them.
You walked in like molten sunshine over frozen window panes, lighting my gray December morning. I don’t remember what you wore or what we talked about or how long we just sat there.
But I remember...  the warmth in your smiles, as the tinge of scarlet spread across the pale blue sky.
... the promises that were in your eyes, for the day that had just dawned.

And as I stood on tiptoes, with my head over your heart, I could not imagine a day that had a better beginning.

Perhaps Christmas just came early.

Turning point.

You show me little dreams and warn me that they are but dreams. If only I had more head than heart, there would be so much less pain.

Serves me right.
Hope must DIE.

I am grateful

Of late, life has been about pretending to be untouched when my heart is longing to to be loved...

But at this moment, I am sitting alone on the terrace with my laptop for company and for once I a part of my heart is feeling very very good. Life suddenly feels so beautiful, and I am grateful.

Today I am grateful ...

for velvet blue sky
for pink roses
for laptop & internet
for chilled orangeade
for hugs
for silliness
for hot showers
for dreams
for colors
for stilettos
for a 20 rupees in my jeans' pocket
for good friends
for cellphones
for the song in my head
for fairy tales & happily ever afters
for kisses
for hard work
for bamboo groves
for written words
for tinkling of windchimes
for waves at sea
for twilight
for miracles
for a heart to Love.

... for all these things I am grateful.