A song for life.

I do not have a happily ever after.
I have traded it for a song.
A song of longings,
Of yearnings,
Of forbidden love,
Of broken hearts,
Of twilight dreams.
But the last verse
is drawing close.
Soon there will be no song
And you, who sings it,
will be forever gone.

Before the last notes fade,
I will say my goodbyes
and with one last look at you
I choose to close my eyes.

Pressed flowers in my notebook

When everything is over, I’ll go back home. Back to where I came from.
Till then,
I will dance around in red shoes and from the corner of my eyes, watch you trying not to smile. I will pretend I don’t want my strawberry milkshake and let you have it. I will send you yellow roses and watch your eyes light up like the fireworks at night. I will kiss all your hurt away.

I will savour the warmth of your hugs.
I will memorise your body; every contour, every secret.

For in the end, all I will have are these memories, like flowers pressed in the pages of old notebooks.

So what does it matter now if we are not meant to be forever.