Rainbow in gray.

I am scared of the solitude again. The voices are taking control once more. My mind is like a windowless dungeon in which rages a constant war. I think this time I am losing the battle, slipping more often. The darkness is seeping through the cracks and taking over reality. My eternal sunshine is fading away into nothingness. Perhaps the time has come for the shadows to claim what has always been their's. The weariness is creeping into my bones. I am so tired. I wish I could just close my eyes.

If you knew what went inside the head of mine you will want to run away to a land far-far away. To a place perhaps where the sky isn’t always in shades of gray.

I wish you’d understand how hard I am trying but I do not expect you to.

For all that its worth I wish for you to know that you deserve better... much better.