Roomie and the Math Lecturer.

WARNING: Post contain implications to indecent words .

My college roomie P- had this mad crush on our Math Lecturer. She dragged me every Teachers' Day so that she could wish him. I would tolerate him only till the extent of standing outside his office door, waiting for P- to finish her rendezvous ... i mean, come on, I see him enough in classes and I am so not going to waste one extra moment on him!...

P- would call him 'Puppy Panku' in a tone that was drenched in saccharine and would go all gooey. And I would go *groan*.

OK.. He was tall and fair and good looking ... though I still say he looked like a girl!
But he was also a royal pain in the you-know-where and thought he was God's answer to womankind and ... and... Oh! Don't get me started!
No way did I understand why P- would waste so much effort on him..
And to think he remotely resembled those adorable fur balls with eyes that melts the coldest of hearts!
Totally unthinkable!!
one beautiful afternoon, in our final year she told me, "Tang, try translating puppy in Hindi" !!!!

An afternoon with you.

You danced barefooted across trial rooms; smiling at your reflection in each mirror... pausing every few minutes to squeeze my hand or run your fingers through my hair.
You made goofy faces just so that I would smile.
You sang those Hindi songs, even though you have no idea what the words mean, just because I like them.
You are so happy.
I can see the happiness shining in your smiles.
I can see the love twinkling in your eyes.

I don’t deserve your love, you know.