R after a haircut.

R: Oh! Oh! Oh! Don't I look like Jennifer Aniston?

Me: *roll eyes*

K: Yeah, definitely! Except the fame... and the money

*whispers* ... and the figure... and the looks!

NB: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblane to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.

Amazing what people can get away with if they have a proper footnote. *wink*

Working from Coimbatore

The last three days have been immensely hectic. A sudden decision of the management found us in our Coimbatore office struggling to make up for the mounting backlogs. It was hard work but I am a closet workaholic. *shush*

The issues are resolved and hopefully it will be smooth sailing till our project sign off Saturday night.

We did not get to enjoy the beautiful city. All we did was work. And right now I am weary to the bone. But I am proud that I was chosen to be part of the deployment team, in spite of being the newest member of the team with an overwhelming lack of experience.

The Coimbatore trip is a blur. But there is one picture that I will carry forever.
Walking out of the office on the last day, dressed in business casuals with my company ID swinging around my neck, dragging my red suitcase behind me as I talked on my cell phone, set against the golden sunset background…
For once radiating the independence that I truly felt.

For three days, I have been chanting "I want to go back to Chennai" .... Imagine!
*faints in mock horror*


I have NOT been tagged! Nuts didn't tag me *pout* ...ok so he tagged me in a different one... one which I still haven't done... after all its the Chinese Lucky Tag!

And I need a lot of luck! *grin*

So, here goes:

8 TV shows/News Channels I like to watch

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S
2. Gossip Girl
3. Discovery Travel and Living
4. Hannah Montana (what? why are you smirking?)
5. Roadies
6. Top Design
7. Zee Cafè
8. Duck Tales (as if you don't like Uncle Scrooge and the triplets!)

8 Places to eat and dine

1. Dzomlee Restaurant (Lots of happy memories, here)
2. Nahaz
3. The place next to Shree Shyam in Rangpo (I cannot remember its name, but it made the best momos ever)
4. Baker's Cafe (Gangtok)
5. Baskin Robbins
6. Highway Inn (Had many great birthday parties there)
7. KFC
8. Hotel Welcome (That's my current fav hotel here)

8 Things I Look Forward To

1. Pondicherry Getaway.
2. Going home *sigh*
3. Cousin's wedding
4. Getting a transfer
5. .. Or atleast a decent raise.
6. The promised picnic on the drive home
7. Going up in a hot air balloon
8. A trip on the 'Palace on Wheels'

8 Things That Happened Yesterday

1. Wore my new sandles to office.
2. Had breakfast (Since I do that once a month, its an event!).
3. Logged in eleven hours at office.
4. Started reading 'Blue is for Nightmares'
5. Talked to Ma.
6. Ate Aloo chat.
7. Skipped dinner.
8. Slept for 12 hours!!!

8 Things I love about Winter
I miss winter *sob*

1. My birthday!
2. Winter fashions.
3. Oranges.
4. Snuggling under the blanket.
5. Lazy winter evenings.
6. Snow.
7. Eating super sour pickles in the sun.
8. Holidays.

8 Things on my Wish-list

1. IPhone 3G S.
2. Get an appartment.
3. Sleep under the stars.
4. Get a tattoo.
5. Jimmy Choo's.
6. Open a restaurant.
7. Write a novel.
8. A million dollars.

8 Things I am Passionate about
I don't know about 'passionate' so I will edit it to
'8 things I love'

1. Tennè.
2. Writing.
3. Books.
4. Red Carnations.
5. Beaches.
6. Snow globes.
7. Autumn.
8. Icecream sundaes

8 Words/Phrases I often use

1. OK
2. By the way
3. Really?
4. Anyways
5. Arrey
6. I have absolutely no idea.
7. God only knows.
8. OMG!!!

8 Things I learnt from the past

1. Whatever happens, happens for the best.
2. Smile, and the world smiles with you.
3. Follow your heart.
4. Sometimes its ok to lie.
5. Think before you speak.
6. Life is beautiful.
7. Good deeds have a way of coming back.
8. Believe in yourself.

8 Places I would like to go /Visit

1. Home *sigh*
2. Andaman and Nicobar Islands
3. Leh.
4. Kashmir
5. Paris
6. Venice
7. Maldives
8. Egypt

8 Things I currently need/want.....

1. I really totally want to go home.
2. I need a raise.
3. I want to be with Tennè.
4. I need to study to pass my Dovetail exam next week.
5. I want to get a makeover.
6. I want to blog more often.
7. I need to get my eyes checked... and may be my head too *wink*
8. I need to stop obsessing about going home

8 Blogging Buddies I want to Tag

1. Nameera
2. Roshmi
3. Rohit Dassani
4. Viol
5. Sumit
6. Riya Das
7. The Ravan
8. Pratik Gupta