*The only time its cold in Chennai is when the AC is too high.

*Everyday I look at the barefooted pedestrians ... with cellphones in hand... and nod in disbelieve. But one fine day when my new heels threatens to draw blood I long to exchange places with those bare footed pedestrians!

*Water goes off just its time to do the laundry of the week.

*It took me one long year but I finally have a new laptop!

*Heading to the airport at 5 am to board a flight isn't too difficult a feat. But the particular journey should lead to home.

*Almost 10 years together and my heart still does a flip-flop every time I see him!

*I need a haircut.

*I'd trade a five star meal for home cooked food anyday ... It feels really strange that I wrote that! And it feels even stranger coz its true!

*Back in college ...after we had landed a job... I had joked that 95% of my pay check wouldn't see the light of a new week. Little did I know it wasn't a joke!!!


At some social gathering last year....

Papa: You know, my daughter got placed in CST

Me: *smile sheepishly*
My dad looked so proud, I did not have the heart to tell dad that its CTS not CST

Uncle X:  Congratulations beta, very good company... very famous... !!!! I know a lot of people working there.

Me: *controlling my laughter*
Sure uncle, definitely!

New beginnings

Sweet lime juice and brownie sundaes. Long walks by the sea. The lingering sense of pride that accompanies the first pay check. Designer bags and lost money wads. Solo flights and family gatherings. The tingly feeling that comes with unfamiliar surroundings. Old friends and new. Golden sunrise seen from the best seat in a train. Smiles. Tears. Love... Beautiful memories created and tucked away in dusty old cellars, like fine wine.

For the past few months my feelings were turning increasingly morbid. But the New Year makes me look back at the year gone by with incredible fondness.
I'm at peace with the world.