All I want for Christmas is Everything!

Life has been busy... may be not sleepless nights busy, but busy enough... Between work, certification programs and G's visit I guess I have negleted my blog for a tad too long. And unfortunately this trend is gonna continue, not because I am busy ... but because of late my posts are laced with sarcasm and homesickness... last time I checked my blog had morphed into a rant blog and thats so not cool!

I mean ok, after almost five months in idly-land I still feel like an alien ... perhaps thats why even the smallest of quirkiness seems to irk me... and home seems a million light years away.... BUT I have a comfy flat, good working hours, a decent salary and to top it all wonderful friends!

I know I should be happy, but than I am human so you have me ranting all over the place.

And no better time like the present to take a little time off and bring things in prespective.
I will be back next year refreshed, recharged and revived and hopefully with happy stories to share.

Till then people...

Hope you have a Joyful Christmas and a Blissful New Year !!!

Miles of smiles,

Murky waters

I will never understand why people in Chennai waste so much time and money and resourses to pump rain water out from their compound into the road.

What's the point?

I mean...

Firstly, Chennai do NOT have drains. So since the water has no where to go, it simply accumulates on the road. Also not to mention, it is an immense discomfort to passerbys… but lets not go into that because people, now a days, do not care exactly about stepping on another’s toes. So what’s a little water?

Secondly, just imagine walking out of your door all clean and very smartly stepping outside the main gate, right into the pool of water which you have pumped out of your compound!

I am ranting!!!

I know.
*omg! omg! omg!*
I really really need to get out of here.

I want a transfer to Kolkata.
Help!!! Someone… Anyone?!?