Too good

Two good news actually!

After wearing the flimy temporary company ID for four whole months I finally have a permanent company ID card!!
OK, my confirmation is still a year away and I cannot let myself in ... coz I still don't have a access card ... But who cares!
Oh la la! I finally feel so professional.
So, permanent ID card is good news number one.


OK! and good news number two.
I have made it through Phase II of Indibloggies 2008!
Its time for public voting now.... So Please Please Please click here ... Scroll to the end of the page. Select the radio button before 'Enchanted' and vote for me!
Ok... So you need to confirm the link sent to your mail... but I know you so much want me to win.


My training is over and much to my Horror I m deployed in Chennai. Besides, its been so long since I went home...

Anyways, here is a list of ten things I miss about... H-... home

Life without AC!
The blue-green hills.
Steaming hot momos.
My bed!
Tree lined winding roads.
Having no routine at all.
Smell of fresh air.
No traffic.
Turning on the TV. Enough said!
The changing colors of the leaves.
Tamarind pickle.
Purple flowers in the garden.
And most of all…I miss... TennĂ©.

OK, yeah, thats more than ten. So sue me!

One Rainy monday

Monday morning A- was walking to office in the weirdest ensemble imaginable. He had on a neatly pressed light blue shirt and the company tag was peeping out of his left pocket… so far so goodBut he was also wearing a pair of shorts and was completely barefooted!!!

You guessed it! The recent rains have left behind ankle deep water on the lane outside A’s house. Poor A- was left to navigate the water-logged stretch with his trousers in one hand and shoes in the other.

On safely crossing the treacherous lane, A- quickly found a lonely corner and pulled his trousers over his shorts, dried his feet and wore his shoes. Feeling mightily pleased with himself, A- proceeded to office.

Once in office his phone started ringing, A- realized he his cell was in the pocket of his shorts!!


The sky is the gloomiest shade of gray and the air is humid. The road is a constant stream of muddy water carrying the filth of the city to the sea. There is the sweat trickling down my forehead as if it’s the middle of a particularly hot summer noon.

I do not feel tempted to fling away my umbrella so that I’d feel the raindrops on my face… nor do I want to jump in the puddle like I was 4 again!

And even when it stops raining the trees don’t look freshly painted and the birds don’t sing. And the air isn’t dizzy with a deliciously earthy smell. There are no paper boats floating gently amidst the laughter of little children.

All we are left with is an overwhelming stench of decay and a swarm of filthy water with no where to go.

My pretty-shining purple umbrella with glossy laces is broken.

Rains are so different in Chennai, my heart aches for home.