I have been sitting in front of the laptop for the past two hours willing myself to write. But I just can’t seem to put together two coherent sentences. And this is despite the fact that I have so many ideas doodled in my notepad.

Today I am just not meant to post a thing!

Just for that I am gonna post this thing I am typing out of sheer annoyance. *wink*

And also, there is this one thing that I’d like to share. I wrote my last module test for my training today. *Yipee!*

I got a 60.11 … that’s 0.11 more than the pass mark! And even though my average has taken a royal nose dive, I have never been happier… Go figure! … I am just so so happy.

It’s finally over. Yay!

But … yup! I always have a but … I still have two more presentations and an entire project to do before I am released from the academy… I still have my fingers crossed.

Tangerine, thy name is procrastination

I am procrastinating on:

1. Studying for my P&Q test.
2. Reviewing the story that has been sitting in my inbox for a month now.
3. Coming up with a passably good blog post.

And you?

Fly away home.

Sometimes Swine Flu is a blessing in disguise.
No, I don’t have the flu…And I have not lost my mind either… Just read on, ok?

Actually, a few of our colleagues had the misfortune of contracting the diseases a few weeks ago. Don’t worry, they are all up and running now. So the rest of us got leave for ten whole days!!! Most of the people took the opportunity and went home. And so did I.

The vacation was memorable… lots of laughter, tons of shopping and of course delicious home cooked food!

But it was the journey which was even more memorable.

Firstly, because it was the first time I have traveled alone. And I felt terribly grown up!! If you think it’s the stupidest thing for a 23 year old to say. Oh! Boy! You know nothing about me *grin*

And secondly because of the people I met! Hello! No romantic implications here… Just comedy ones !!
In Kolkata airport, I met an old man who owns a fire work factory in Delhi. We had a simulating conversation about fireworks, weddings and Chennai. Well! It was more of a monologue … All I did was look interested… Which I think I did very badly…. because soon, he switched to asking questions about me. Whats my name? Where I am from? What I do?... etc etc etc… ALSO, He wanted to know exactly what my parents farmed back in Assam!!! You should have seen the look in his face when I told him my parents are doctors. Poor old man! He was speechless!!!

Then, in Chennai airport, there was this French couple. They were so intrigued by the crows in the airport, they couldn’t keep their eyes off the birds, exclaiming delightfully whenever a crow swooped down to catch and insect or something. God! I swear even the crows were showing off for them.

And one major reason why the journey was memorable -- it cost me eighteen thousand in flight fare. Actually, I missed my Kolkata-Chennai flight and so the totally is a pretty twenty five thousand. Yes, people… that’s more than I had earned so far!

Btw, that JCL VSAM exam… I passed.
But then again, I have Cobol coming Thursday. *Sigh*