An afternoon in Chennai

Scene 1: An extremely hot Sunday afternoon, middle of a road to God-only-knows-where … I sort of got lost while shopping … ssshh!
After walking for ages, I finally find an auto.

Me: T--?

Autowallah: Shakes head.

Me: J- Foundations?

Autowallah: Shakes head, again.

Me: How much?

Autowallah: A hundred fifty.

Me: No… Fifty.

Autowallah*looking at me like I am an alien* : Hundred.

Me: *too tired to argue* OK.
Got into the auto.

Scene 2: Highway near my flat.

Me: Uncle … No, I haven’t got around to calling them Anna yet! … Pliz take left.

Autowallah: *Tamil*

Me: Uncle, J- Foundations, left.

Autowallah: *More Tamil*
and stops auto

Me: *gesturing wildly* J- Foundations, left.

Autowallah: *Even more Tamil*
Aggravated, I got down from the auto and gave him a fifty rupee note.

Autowallah: *taking the note* Hundred.

Me: *give him my most confused look and start walking*

Autowallah: Madam, you said hundred

Me: And you said you will drop me to J- Foundations. *triumphantly*

Needless to say, he dropped me to my flat.

It's rainning in Chennai

Last week I arrived back to my flat wet to the bone coz I was caught in a sudden downpour. There was no shelter nearby and when I found one, the rain had come down to a drizzle. By the time I was home I looked as though I had gonna swimming fully clothed! My clothes were ruined… my freshly shampooed hair was plastered to my skull… and I had to hang my notes to dry!
But guess what the worst part was!?!
As soon as I opened my handbag to pullout the door key, right on top lay my lovely silken purple umbrella merrily laughing at me!

Gosh! It feels fabulous to get back to Bloggerville.

I know my intermission has developed into a movie but I finally have an internet connection at home. So, hopefully I am gonna be around more often. After all I have a lot to right about… Chennai… the beaches… my office… my colleagues… the auto wallas… and the list is endless!
But right now, I am deep into JCL VSAM but I will get cracking on commenting this weekend.