This one I am writing from a cyber cafĂ© near the bus depot. Thanks to ma’s star chart consultations we are here more than an hour early!

But for once I am not complaining. Coz at least it gives me time to write this post. I just didn’t have the time before… you know how it is, the last minute shopping, packing etc…

In an hour begins my journey to a completely alien chapter in my life. New place, new people, new customs, new everything!

Yay me! I can be anybody I wish to be!
What if I get lost.
The best way to describe my state of being right now is ‘enthusiastically frightened’. NOT fearfully enthusiastic.

Anyways, hope it will still be ‘an enchanted life’, even if it’s no longer a lazy one filled with silvery nothings.
And for now I am going to take a hiatus at least until I m settled.

So till our paths cross again, wishing you all a blissful life.
Happy Blogging.

PS: Keep your fingers crossed!