This time I m neither tag-jacking nor m I redoing a tag I had already done in facebook.
This time I m officially tagged, thanks to Roshmi.
Yay me!

So anyways, here goes the rule.
“Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen books you've read that will always stick with you. First fifteen you can recall in no more than 15 minutes. Tag up to 15 friends, including me because I'm interested in seeing what books my friends choose”

1. Not a penny more not a penny less - J Archer.
Oh! What a fabulous book!! This had me rolling on the floor laughing for real.

2. Harry Potter series - JK Rowling.
Sorry, cannot single out any particular title. I love them all! Though I was slightly disappointed with the last book.

3. Archie Comics.
This one appeals to my inner child. *wink*

4. A thousand splendid suns - K Hossieni.
A beautifully written story representing the plight of the Afganistani women.

5. Windmills of the god- Sidney Sheldon.
I love this book. Its so gripping I read it from cover to cover in just one sitting much to the annoyance of ma!

6. The count of Monte Cristo - Alexandre Dumas .
I have been trying to read this one for ages. But somehow I never got around to reading it.

7. Malory Towers - Enid Blyton
Ever since I read the adventures of Darrell, Sally, Alicia and friends I had wished to study in a boarding school. And my wish did come true!

8. Angels and Demons - Dan Brown.
Another unputdownable. Can’t wait to catch the movie.

9. Nancy Drew and the mystery of the missing millionaires - Carolyn Keene.
The first novel I ever read.

10. The Hungry Tide - Amitav Ghosh.
A contemporary story of adventure and unlikely love in a barely farmable land.

11. Little Women - L M Alcott.
The book shows vividly the joys of growing up in a loving family.

12. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - Mark Twain.
My favorite part is when Tom paints the fence!

13. Doctors - Erich Segal.
I like Love story. But this one, I like better.

14. The stories of Sherlock Holmes - Arthur C Doyle.
A book list can never be complete if I do not mention my favorite detective.

15. Gossip Girl: A novel - Cecily von Ziegesar.
I am currently reading this book. And no, it has nothing to do with my obsession with gossip girl, the series or my crush on Chase Crawford! *wink*

Now, I get to tag others.
Hmmm… I tag: Dazediva, Ajcl, Anil Sawan, Nutty, Nameera, Deepti, Kaddu, Viol, Riya Das, Karthik, Pratik Gupta, Vipul, Nitram, and Kokonad.
Oh! And I also tag the tagger (Roshmi) as per the rules.
And anyone else who cares to do the tag.

Life is (really) like that Mastercard ad.

er… except that there is no background music.

* Ten stems of pink gladiolus
Cost: One hundred

* A heart-shaped chocolate cake from my favorite bakery
Cost: Two hundred and fifty

* A packed breakfast special supreme hamper from the most expensive restaurant in town
Cost: One thousand

* The look on his face when you turn up unannounced at his door before he even has a chance to brush his teeth…
Cost: Priceless!!

Playing Sherlock Holmes

At least trying to.

Its a gripping tale but alas! I m no Arthur Conan Doyle and I have absolutely no idea how to write it up. So i will just give you the facts.

I carry four cards in my wallet.
Two ATM cum debit cards, one credit card and ... er... one Shoppers' Stop card.

I had made a combined cash withdrawal of 1 lakh using my debit cards in two days. But a balance enquiry four days later show a further withrawal of 52000! My cards are in my purse and I am almost sure that they never left my purse. So how can the ATM withdrawal be possible. Besides no one but me have the PINs.

Anyways, I have been playing detective since. And this are my discoveries.

1. The ATM incharge lady in UBIS- has absolutely no idea what she is doing. Not only does she not realise a A/C no when she sees it she argues with me that it is a machine generated no. Blah!

2. The rickshaw-wallas' rate differ for localites and non-localites. Tenné says that if I keep cleaning the seats everytime before I seat down in one, they will forever charge me double. Humph!

3. When you deal with officials dress like an adult or they hand you chocolates or worse, tell you fairy tales.

Useful eh?
But doesn't really help my case.

So right now I have just two probable theories based on my so-called investigation.

a) I am a victim of a international conspiracy which involves hackers.

b) I am the victim of a supernatural event caused due to my displeasing a certain ghost.

Bleh! Some detective I am.

PS: Ofcourse, I have enquired about video footage but 40000 went missing from an ATM where the camera was out of order. The rest 12000 bucks went missing from a ATM whose ID the bank official cannot seem to find! Hence, my two theories!!

Twenty Five

There is nothing on tv. I have read and reread all my novels. It's raining outside... though it hardly matters coz i have no where to go anyways!
Yep! perfect time to blog.

Just one tiny problem.

I have absolutely zilch to share!!!

So i m gonna do the '25 random facts, things or goals' tag.
Yeah, i know you are thinking "not another 25 tag", but desperate times call for desperate measures!

Btw, I wasn't even tagged. M tag-jacking it. Is there such a word?


Anyways, here goes,

1. I love shopping.

2. I took dance classes for ten years yet I not only have two left feet I have two left hands too.

3. I am a good cook. I think.

4. I love black and white photographs.

5. I don't like fish.

6. I loved maths. Please note the use of the past tense

7. I love carnations especially the deep red ones. And orchids.

8. I wish I could fly Yes, I have heard about aircrafts but thats not what I meant

9. I believe in "happily-ever-afters"

10. Each time I come home for my semester breaks I read the entire HP series.

11. I want to be a pastry chef when I grow up. Yes, when I grow up *wink*

12. I don't drink tea or coffee. No, not milk either

13. I can live in jeans

14. I love arranging surprises.

15. I believed in Santa Claus till I was 10! It broke my heart when my cousin told me the truth

16. I am forever trying to tame my hair.

17. I love the tinkle of wind chimes.

18. KFC is my all time favorite fast food chain.

19. I miss Chiku, our pet rabbit.

20. I totally believe that MJ's nose is detechable.

21. I love painting my nails in two colors.

22. I dream of participating and winning The Amazing Race

23. I cannot remember lyrics. Not even of the most popular songs!

24. I religiously read my weekly horoscope. Though I believe in only the good predictions! *wink*

25. It took me three days to finish the post. Yep! There is not much to say about me

I tag anyone who hasn't done this tag yet. Though i doubt there is any such person