A farewell note

Dear TM 4000NLCi,

You have been a wonderful companion along life’s long road. My college days would never have been the same if it weren’t for you. There were movie marathons, impromptu music sessions and the late night forays into the cyberspace. And ahem! Of course there were occasional academic pursuits too.

My friends envied that Office 2007 slowed down their 1 GB RAM systems but not your 256 MB system.
You did not slow down with half your system files corrupted and served me uncomplainingly even when your battery was almost dead and gone.

Oh! What I would have done without you dear laptop?

Truly, you have been a friend beyond compare.

But today with a heavy heart I say goodbye. You have aged and aged so well. But its time I leave you behind. Hope you serve your new owners as well as you served me… after all remember they too are family.

Today I may have to make way for a Sony VGN-C S24 GN and it may be something else. But remember dear one it will always be you who will always hold a special place in my heart – My first ever laptop.



After months of waiting and twelve ‘Cognizant in Media’ emails CTS has finally given us our joining dates.
Yours truly is scheduled to join CTS Chennai on the 27th of July for a comprehensive 6 months training.

That’s good news, eh?

There is one tiny problem… Chennai… Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against the place. In fact, I had seen my first beach at Chennai… and I am crazy about beaches… and so the place is totally special to me…

It’s just that, I am not prepared for the place. I mean, I had opted for Kolkata, Bangalore and Pune as my ‘preferred’ joining locations. And none of my many day dreams featured Chennai.

Besides, I had thoroughly researched those places: culture, weather, restaurants, tourist spots, shopping hotspots, almost everything. I had watched out for those places in TV, read guide books, googled them up and spent hours chatting with strangers from those places… What? I just like to be fully prepared.

And about Chennai I know zilch. Yup! Absolutely nothing.


But you know what my real problem is. None of my friends are gonna be there… I have lots of friends joining CTS but not a single one has the same joining as me… And I have heard that being completely alone in a workplace is tough… Oh boy! What am I gonna do?

Hey! Wait a minute. I know what I need. Now that my blog is attracting a fair amount of readers, could I request those of you from Chennai to give me a guided tour? Anyone?

But then again, that isn’t gonna work. I am anonymous … You didn’t think that my parents actually named me tangerine, did u?


Anyways, I guess I better start googling Chennai.

And before I end this post… one small request. Those of you with the know-hows could you drop me some useful hints about Chennai… Like where I might find a good AC/single seater PG or hostel nearest to the Madras Export Processing Zone... Should I travel by auto or take a bus?... etc etc etc.

Birthday cakes

Or the lack of it.

Nopes… it isn’t my birthday… not even close. But my sister is home for her hols and she is baking a chocolate cake. And I don’t know about you, but for me cakes always remind me of birthdays.

But … yup! I always have a lot of buts butting in…. strangely enough my most memorable birthdays are ones which did not have a cake. And I guess no time like the present to blog about it.

Well! Well! I know I had said somewhere that I am so over writing from my walks down memory lane but its easier said than that. So why fight the inevitable?

And here we go … again!

18 is special. You are now officially an adult and can legally purchase liquor, drive, vote or get married… though I haven’t done any of it. Yet.

My 18th birthday coincided with my preparation for ISCs. During that time I was studying in a posh boarding school… you know, the ones whose campus looked like foreign movie locale and where every one spoke with a British accent… But mind you, it was a great school, I made some awesome friends and not for the world would I trade those schooldays for any other… And like all boarding schools had a whole bunch of strict rules. So, imagine being surprised by your friends with 18 candles stuck to a cardboard at midnight. May be there was no cake or fancy party or costly presents but that’s not what birthdays are all about.

Anyways, The next memorable birthday was at 21.

Time… middle of my semester exams… though the Director of the college honored my birthday by not scheduling any paper on that particular day… This time the cake was ordered but didn’t arrive coz our college was cut off due to heavy landslides. My dear friends improvised. They bought an assortment of pastries, removed the icing, coated it with bournvita and topped it with Cadbury gems. And just before the witching hour they remembered that they had forgotten the candles! More improvisation followed. A pack of fuljharis covertly removed from my own cupboard. And another memorable birthday.

And the rest of my birthday cakes… well! I had very expansive ones and ordinary ones and home-made ones. They were all special. Yes. But somehow the lack of birthday cakes marked the exceptional ones.


Btw, what do you think of my new dark look?
… after all that brightness and bling bling in the wedding and silver jubilee celebrations I think my eyes need a rest.

The Golden post

As in my fiftieth one.

Hello, everyone.
I am back…
Hope you missed me. *wink, wink*

Anyways, I m first gonna make my excuses for being absent from the blogosphere for so long.

You see, I have been too busy. Really … I had no time to post anything new or comment or even lurk … yup! That’s how busy I have been! …

It was cousin TD’s wedding which took up an entire fortnight, which btw, is not over yet but since my parents couldn’t extend their leave any longer I decided to tag along… initially it was fun but then it gets a tad tiresome and boring especially if you are the non-fish-eating-kind stuck in a Syleti-Bengali wedding… what? its my blog! i can be honest, can't i?

It was closely followed by the 25th wedding anniversary of my parents… for which I masterminded a surprise party.

Right now I am too tired to get into all the details but one could hardly blog in the midst of all that fun fare, eh?

Oh, and I have one more cause for celebration. Sauron and Kaddu have presented me with the Blogger Friendship Award.

Thank you guys!!

I was actually gonna give my Booker winner speech here but can’t recall a thing now… too much mayhem can affect your memory, take that from me.

Anyways I would now like to nominate the following people for this prestigious honor.
Nameera, Deepti, Kaddu, Viol, Riya Das, Pratik Gupta, Nitram, Klodian, Kokonad.


Like i said, it was a very busy moth of May so far... as far as April was concerned... how could i sit be couped indoors infront of the laptop when the air is dizzy with spring!