Coffee stained pages.

I don’t like coffee and my pages aren’t stained. In fact my post has nothing to do with coffee or stains. Or pages. I m just plain bad at naming my posts. Period.

Anyways, I have been absent from blogosphere for sometime so this post is an update of sorts. But before I start, let me warn u I spent the last 72 hours sleeping so even though my body is awake right now I don’t think I can say the same for my brain… no, seriously.... Also, it’s a long post where I m mostly blabbering… but then that’s nothing new is it!?

I feel bad for neglecting my blog for such a long time but I really didn’t have anything to blog about. Alright, I agree, there is a lot happening in the world but I don’t blog about current affairs. And since my nothing exciting was happening to me… AND … I can’t write a poem to save my life... AND… I m so over picking out topics from my memory lane… AND also since… nobody even tagged me... seesh! I feel so neglected… I couldn’t come up with a post.

Life seriously was boring.

AND then ma was invited to G- for a two day conference and I decided to accompany her to the seminar.
Just kidding… now you seriously didn’t think I was going to attend boring gynecological blahs, did u?… I went shopping. I told you cousin TD’s wedding is next month. So I simply HAD to go shopping. Didn’t I?

So in two days it was fifteen hours of jeans… t-shirts… shirts… belts… purses… salwars… sarees not for me, I simply can’t walk in them… jewellery… shoes… cosmetics… and one simply hideous red and gold salwar mablackmailed me into buying which I swear I will never wear.

My favorite is the simply incredible pair of Pepe Jeans and Tenné bought me this gorgeous Gucci purse.

Tenné and I caught a movie in Cinemax. We had seats next to B, who I dated for approx 2 days 9 years ago and his gf… Awkward! Especially when the gf spent a good few minutes trying to see what I look like. But she stopped when Tenné gave her the evil eye *My-hero*

And staying true to traditions, indulged in sundaes from Baskin Robins… But the servers are so stingy with the whipped cream!! First there gave me none, then they gave me one tiny blob… Hello! Just because I m thin doesn’t mean I am on a eternal diet!… Then I was too piqued to ask for some more.

Anyways, I came home a few days back and spent the subsequent 72 hours attached to an IV. Dehydration, a temperature of 103.5° and something called Ionic imbalance … or was it electronic imbalance?! Or was it electrolytic something else?!… Whoever said that there is no such thing as too much shopping, please add a warning. *wink*

PS: I really wanted to write a minute by minute account of my shopping spree with a complete list of purchases. Looks like my sleeping brain saved you from being bored to death! And you thought this post was boring! Hah!