A letter from David Phipps, 9, to his beloved Tracy.

Dear Tracy,

I am sending this letter to you to show all my love for you and care and respect.
This letter is not from Peter it is from someone in class two who cares and loves you very much. Perhaps one day I may not like you as much as I do now so while you've got some time to show your love for me just use it. Don't be shy to say it if you do I will be really glad to know that you love me. I have only one thing to say in nearly everything I do I always think of you my beautiful girl.

From David

Aww…! That’s so sweet!
I found it in an old English book.
Its inspired me to write a few letters of my own.
I, however do not have the afore mentioned David's flair when it comes to writing letters but there are still a few things I wish to address...

Dear blogger.com

I do appreciate your effort to integrate the follower widget with the google friends application but I’d rather that you did not if it makes the widget look so hideous.

Sincerely, A style conscious user.

Dear ma,

Please stop trying to bribe me by cooking my favorite meals. I figured out your strategy way back in 8th grade!

Your slightly amused daughter.

Dear G,

Girl you gotta be more careful if you don’t want people to find out your secrets! And please grow up! You are twenty not two!!

Your highly annoyed sister

Dear crazy girls who can’t-seem-to-take-their-eyes-off-my-boyfriend

BACK OFF!! He is taken.

Korean movies

When I was in college I had an overwhelming obsession with Korean movies, specially the romantic ones. The romantic comedies were my favorite though. These movies appealed to me in an enigmatically convoluted sort of way. Even with the bad sub titles with its many typos… which I am sure gives a imprecise translation at most times… I simply could not get enough of them.

Once I had spent an entire weekday night watching ‘Gautmn in my Bert’ … Well that’s ‘Autumn in my heart’ but remember the typos I told you about? They even extended to the DVD covers… and stumbling to first period the next day without even having slept a wink. But luckily for me there was an ODI that day and all… Yes, ALL… my classes were cancelled! Lucky me!!

Btw, if you are wondering why one movie took me an entire night? Well I thought ‘Autumn in my heart’ was a DVD collection of 27 movies and I was planning on watching one that night. But it turned out to be 27 episodes of one series, and I somehow found myself unable to stop in between.

In Korean rom coms, the lovely but invariably gauche heroine always fell for this really hot chink she could never get her hands on…. and the stories did not always end in a ‘happily ever after’. Their profound simplicity and slight imperfection, I think, gives them a touch of reality.

200 pounds of beauty happens to be my all time favorite… Not only coz this has a happy ending but because… Nah! I m not gonna spoil it for you. So go check it out.

Anyways… it was a college thing and I haven’t watched a Korean flick in almost a year now.

Today as I was cleaning my CD holder, I came across a sealed Korean movie DVD collection I had never got around watching. So I finished my chores, popped it into my laptop and settled in for a movie marathon… the first of the year.… just like old times.
But… there is always a butting… my lappy does not even detect it! So I spent half an hour cursing, reloading, and cursing some more. Then some one told me to try it in a DVD player. So I did… and lo! Behold! It worked!!! But… yup! one more but… for the life of me I could not get the sub titles to work. Even though all system functions were set to English the subtitles appeared in Korean!... I m no shakes at languages or scripts so I am assuming it was Korean but it might be Chinese for all that matters

Anyways out of the window went my movie marathon, my walk down memory lane. Guess i should not have made fun of the subtitles.. eh?
So once again I am stuck with nothing to do. Hence the post.


And before I sign out congratulations are in order…

Cheers! Rahman! Jai Ho!


... cousin B with his nineteenth...or is it twenty-nineth... girlfriend.

Way to go bro!
Hope she is the one. finally!

It’s funny in a weirdly bizarre way.

Feb 2001 [extract from my diary]

…There is a lot of silence in the house. Ma and I are not talking to each other. It’s a good thing coz I am not sure I can take much more of her going on and on and on about why I should not be dating…

*Fast forward eight years*

Feb 2009

There is a lot of silence in the house. Ma and I are not talking to each other. It’s a good thing coz I am not sure I can take much more of her going on and on and on about why I should be dating.


But of course I am dating, just not the guy you want me to.

The second parcel

Grandpa BB is 90. Age has taken a toll on him... after all nine decades is a long time.
His skin is now criss-crossed with fine lines, creases left behind from his ever present smile. His eyes no longer twinkle; they are now vague and dreamy. The most ordinary activities leave him exhausted. But mostly, I think, he is lonely and, i don't know, lost.

Every year my parents send grandpa BB a few other knick knacks, a calendar and a diary… grandpa has chronicled his days for almost fifty year!
This year’s parcel went out 2 days back. Papa packed in a whole lot of medicines, a calendar and a few health drinks… all useful stuff. But NO diary. Ma reckons he is too frail to get on with his daily activities unaided let alone maintain a diary.

I slipped out yesterday and sent a second parcel.

And I did it more for me than for him.

I <3 u

If my prayers could bring anything, I'd ask directly from the heart for a promise of tomorrow where we are together forever. For if there is one thing that my heart truely desires, its the days ahead which I will spend with you.
Of all the things in the world that i could ever hope for or even dream of, nothing, absolutely nothing compares to what we have together.

Happy Valentine's Day sweetheart.

Yours forever and a day

PS: I love you.


And I love you more....

Tag in twos

The blog where I chanced upon this tag warned explicitly that everyone who lays eyes on this, is supposed to do this too...otherwise, nightmares about five years of bad luck shall follow you!!!

Now, since you too have laid eyes on this tag… Beware!!

I have had enough bad luck to last me a lifetime, and I am not taking anymore chances. So here goes…

Two Names You Go By:
1. tintin, one of my nicknames
2. tangerine, my nom de plume

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1. mauve and white stripped pullover
2. softest, most ragged pj

Two Things You Want in a Relationship:
1. love
2. trust/space

Two of Your Favourite Things to do:
1. Reading, all time favorite
2. blogging, current favorite

Two Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment:
1. a new laptop
2. freedom

Two pets you had/have:
1. rabbit… yes, just one
2. fish(es)
and we also had several exotic birds…all family pets. My parents consider me too juvenile to be actually responsible for a real live creature

Two things you did last night:
1. tried studying... didn’t happen
2. got my eyebrows shaped

Two things you ate today:
1. veg Hakka noodles
2. egg curry

Two people you Last Talked To over the phone:
1. Papa
2. Tenné

Two Things You're doing today:
1. doing this tag
2. trying to be a part of the solution

Two favourite beverages:
1. chilled mazza
2. lassi with crushed ice.

I, comic

I first laid my hands on a copy of Tinkle ma had gotten for T’s birthday and I was hooked… needless to say she had to make do with a different present that year.

Since then whenever I come across a comic I have this irrepressible urge to read it. Never ever had I put down a comic unfinished, it was sort of as if ‘my life depended on it’… ma’s words, not mine.

Exam times were the worst. My sister and I both had subscriptions and, invariably, one or the other magazine would arrive right in between our exams. No matter where my parents hid it, I found it … It was almost like a sort of sixth sense or something… AND I read it.
I hid it inside my textbooks and pretended to be engrossed studying.
I read it using a flashlight under the quilt.
I also smuggled them in the bathroom and pretended to have an upset stomach …gleep! too much information …er… anyways you get the idea?!

Oh yeah! I definitely got caught…and screamed at… but I never gave up.
And ultimately my parents gave up!! …no! really! … They let me finish the comic book before I went back to my books. Not only was it easier for everyone involved, but since I took breaks between my studies anyways, so what if I spent them reading comics?

And get this… I have also been late for two dates coz I was reading a new comic book!!
Sorry luv, you know how I get lost sometime.

But right now I have a brand new copy of my favorite comic book and I read two stories … only two stories… and toss it aside. And I don’t even feel like reading it anymore.

omg! omg! omg!
You know what it means!?
It means I m getting old!

*going around in circles doing the crazy dance chanting*
It can’t be happening… oh no.. oh no… oooohhhh…..nooooooo

Love is in the air

February is here and Valentine’s Day is round the corner.

Last year Tenné and I had a lovely time. Brunch at kfc , movie, dinner, concert and coffee under the stars. An entire day spent together.

I like everything about this day. Heart shaped balloons, red roses, satin ribbons, box of chocolates, even the cheesy tacky marketing strategies! But most of all I like the extra dollop of love in the air.

sappy... sappy...sappy... but that's how I m feeling today...
oh! It must be the spring!

A lot of people do not advocate celebrating 14th Feb… lets not go into why, I think the topic is battered as it is… but I, for one, am looking forward to it.


On a really serious note, I think the world is officially going mad!

Book stores

I love books.

And I love book stores.
Huge ones, which take up entire floor of a shopping mall… small ones, tucked under the staircase… regular ones, you know, the usual kinds… even weird ones, in which you stand outside the actual shops where the shopkeeper hands you the book when you point them out and then browse its pages under his discerning eyes.
It’s like this whole new world where I can happily get lost amongst millions of books neatly stacked, leafing through pages of unknown volumes. I specially love gliding up and down the aisles, and spend hours reading, probing and deciding.

If you are not a fellow book lover, never NEVER accompany me to the book store if you don’t want your pants bored off you.

When I am older and hopefully richer ...if not wiser… I would like a room with a wall full of lacquered wood shelves. A home for all the books that I have. I could always pick up one, curl up on my favorite chair and lose myself in fantasy land.

Nah! Its not a library that I want. Its more of a study-cum-library-cum-studio, sort of my private niche.
Tenné are you listening?



I close my eyes…
It’s you I see
smiling sweetly,
taunting me.

I close my ears…
It’s your voice again
lilting tones
enticing pain.

Like an apparition
with murky whims.
You irk my soul.
You haunt my dreams.