Muddle in paradise

I never actually explained to my parents why I chose CTS over TCS to start my career. Frankly, I did not think they would buy my reasons anyway! So I simply gave them my oh-you-med-school-geeks-will-not-for-a-thousand-years-understand-my-hi-tech-reasons attitude.

Also, I think I might have “forgotten” to mention that the joining dates for TCS are long gone. I never got mine coz I had blown off their offer by not appearing for their medical examinations… I figured since I m not joining the company there is no point in wasting a perfectly good Sunday and not to mention I did not think it was worth an unnecessary jab of the needle… Hey! Those were good days and keeping my options open were kinda not required.

Anyways, (not)knowing on a need to know basis worked just fine for me till last night. Yup! Only till last night.

Coz last night JK told Papa that TCS has started mailing joining dates to their eastern zone recruits. So now my parents are hopefully awaiting mine.

Uh! Oh!

Come with me if you wanna live

OK. This blog post has nothing to do with life threatening situations. I just could not come up with a title so I decided to have some fun with naming my post. It’s my blog after all. Hence the title… which btw happens to be a quote straight out of Sarah Conner Chronicles

Actually this post doesn’t really discuss anything particular. It is more of an accumulation of random thoughts, personalized opinions and observations… which I think is a nice way of saying ‘this post consists of totally meaningless stuff’… So if you have better things to do, I think you should not linger here today.

Like for example, did you know there are such things as floral designers. Yup! They happen to even have a whole range of famous awards and celebrity designers. I knew floriculture is big of course, what with all the stupendous display we see in celebrity weddings and Oscars, but I thought that’s done by florists! Oh well! Now that I m enlightened I really wish I could do a course.

And speaking of Oscars, 10 nominations for Slumdog Millionaire. I have my fingers crossed!! …There is just a tiny detail that I m still to watch the movie but I did catch the songs, which have also made the nomination list.

I am trying to get Papa to trade in my regular pair of gold ear rings for a white gold set.
Please Papa! Pretty Please

Tenné, btw, thinks it would be marvelous if he gets the Golden Touch. But since he knows what happened to king Midas, it will be, like, anything he touches and follows it with an incantation repeated three times will turn to gold.

I totally adore the saree worn by Priyanka Chopra in Dostana’s Desi Girl number. May be someday I will have such a head turning piece in my wardrobe. Till then I guess I will concentrate on attaining that figure! Hah!

I think smileys are pretty cute but I have so far never used them in my blog. I fear they will make my blog look … er… unpolished or something... m I making sense?

I also think black nail color rocks!

JK Rowling is my absolute favorite author but I am scared that her new novels will not live up to Harry Potter.

Er… remember the poem I was writing? It now has four lines! I think I will call that a stanza.

Golly! ... Gee! That feels so old fashioned! I want to say/write that again. So here we go again

Golly!! I have rambled on and on and on and on…
I better stop but before that one last … seriously the last … bit of info.
Did you know Lalu Prasad Yadav has a blog?
Don’t believe me?
Check out my links below.

To choose what you wish to be

Eugenio waved to his mother and with almost childlike glee pointed out to the young couple enjoying the many beauties of Venice on his gondola. “Mama will be so proud”, he thought, “So proud to see I have customers!”

Mrs. Gonzales waved back to his son. “My son was an accountant”, she told her friend, “Ah yes! My Eugenio was a good accountant but then he leaves it all and buys his boat.”
There was no sadness in her voice. Just happiness, plain and simple. And perhaps a hint of pride.

Sometimes you need to be lucky to be able to do what you love.
And sometimes,
you just need to be brave.


And on a totally unrelated note. I know I said I normally draw the line when it comes to writing poetry but I have decided to give it a try… given that I have so much free time and I think its time I try something new. I figured why not … And at this very moment I have two lines. Yup, two lines. But that’s definitely a start.
I think.

Life is beautiful

The first ray of sun on a cold winter morning. School uniform and seven carnations. Every time I close my eyes and see your smile. Sunday brunch and shopping sprees. 2 am baths on a hot summer night. Over dramatic stories to make a sad friend smile. Magical views at the end of a trek. The sound of the sea at high tide. Paper boats and ice cream sundaes. Silver anklets and tinkle of wind chimes. No matter how weird I act I know you will always be my friend. Letters on the window. Smelling like green apples and a hint of lemon. The hope of happily-ever-after. Movies I want to see a million times. My world stops spinning when you hold me close. Sweet nothings. Peacock feather and ink pens. Cold nose tips and burnt orange sky. Two missed calls. Infinite day dreams. And knowing that I will love you forever.

What was ma even thinking?

A lady came in today and asked ma if she would be interested in marrying off her eldest daughter … that would be me … to a completely unknown never even heard off engineer who works in a complete different part of the country and gets a hefty pay check btw.
And you know what she said?

She said “may be.”
She said MAYBE!!!

Is she crazy? What makes her even think that I m planning to tie the knot at barely 23??

I was livid. And I still am.

Ma’s excuse… “Its not as if I m interested” … now why would I think that? Lets see… was it because she seemed so, I don’t know, EAGER… “I couldn’t say no right away”… and why not? … “It would seem so rude”…. Yakitty Yakitty Yak.

Oh Please… All she had to do was say my daughter is just not prepared to settle yet. End of story.

But NO

She even has the pluck to let me know she has no problem if we choose to “interact”.
Besides, she has given a ok to the guy talking it over with me… hello! Its my life… don’t I get a say

Dear Ma,
I know what you are thinking.
But that ain’t happening.
Besides did you stop to think that i might actually be in love with someone else?


If you own a cell phone I am sure you have had your fair share of forwards…
Some are sweet, some are funny, and some are plain weird. Mostly repetitive stuffs. But there are some which are beautiful. Like these…

A Sparrow was in love with a White Rose. One day the Sparrow proposed the White Rose. The White Rose replied that when she turns red she would love him back. Sparrow tears his body and slowly spreads his blood over the White Rose and she turns red. She falls in love with the Sparrow but he is no more. This is love.

A guy had cancer and had only a month to live. He loved a girl who worked in a book shop but did not express his feelings. Every day he would go to the book shop and buy a book just so that he could talk to her. After a month he stopped visiting the book shop. The girl was worried and went to visit him. His mother said he was no more and took the girl to his room. The girl went in and saw all the unopened books and cried. She cried because he was no more. She cried because she had slipped chits inside the books to tell him how much she loved him.

A thought from a broken heart- “She laughs at my dreams but I only dream of her laughs.”

PS: I ran these smses through spell check which are otherwise unchanged.



I had a fight with my best friend during recess, I could not find my brand new pen, I had spilt water over my homework, and then just before the last class it started pouring. Perfect! It’s just what I needed, a day to reflect my mood. I wanted to burst into tears. Now come on, I was only nine.

Last class, our teacher set us an essay and got busy grading our quiz papers. Oh well! I wasn’t in a mood to write anything. So I shut the book and turned my attention outside the class. I had the seat by the window, you see.

It had stopped raining. And I could smell the musty scent of the moistened earth. The air echoed with the joyous call of the birds returning to their work. The freshly washed leaves looked greener than I had seen them for quite some time. It’s amazing how everything looks so refreshing after a shower like being painted with a fresh coat of color. To me it seemed like a fresh new beginning. The magic tugged at my heart strings and I started to feel light again. I wanted to run outside and dance and sing. The horrors of the day lay forgotten. Just then as if to complete my happiness the bell rang.

I rushed outside but walked slowly to the gate, mesmerized, trying desperately to capture everything I could see. Suddenly, I saw my best friend waiting for me. She started to say something but before she could utter a word I gave her a big hug. All was forgiven and forgotten. It was a new beginning for us too.

The sun had finally come out from behind the clouds. And this time my heart soared.

Wish you a fine 2009

I spent most of 2008 doing nothing... absolutely nothing... zilch!

I spent the first six months doing my major project in SINP n even got a perfect 10 for it. But actually, all I did was show my face in the institute and gave a confident presentation with almost zero contents.

I spent the next six months waiting for CTS to call. But given the IT scenario, nothing happened. Plus I threw in a two month course on a subject I m sure will do nothing for me or my career.

All in all I spent 2008 growing lazier and lazier still from doing absolutely nothing. So much that I have put on weight!! For the first time in six years a size 26 low waist jeans no longer fits me!!!

But I promise 2009 will be different.

I may still have nothing to do but I am gonna change my current lifestyle… which off late involve eat, sleep, watch tv, talk to Tenné and occasionally surf the net… s*** having put that in writing I feel so ashamed!

I am not gonna stop doing any of the things that I do… after all nothing wrong with them as long as that’s not the only things I do…But I m gonna add the following things to my schedule.

• Cook any one meal each day… [snacks inclusive]
• Study at least two hours per day … [computer and/or MBA related]
• Work on the quick stitch kit… [as long or as little I wish but daily]
• Take up a hobby … [painting, embroidery… whatever]

To all those who are smirking at this small list please remember that I have been in idle mode for soooo long, I am rusted! And besides I don’t want to spin long changes and do nothing.

So, good luck to me! And to everyone else…

ћăρPұ ηзW Ϋёāя