My Christmas story

We had an invite to Miss B’s house for a Christmas lunch.
The cake I had taken to baking was a disaster. I got bitten by a gigantic red ant just as we were leaving. Once there, I spent a whole hour, alternately, pretending to be interested in the medical cases the guests were so avidly discussing and feeling guilty that I could not even remember the name of the dear old nun I met there, who according to ma always asked after me. And finally for lunch, I had to go vegan coz of the avian flu.

Tea was at the neighbor’s where everyone...yes everyone except me that is… traded Med school anatomy lab anecdotes, I could neither make a head nor tail out of.

And to top it all… I could not talk to Tenn√© coz the phone lines are down.

Not a merry Christmas huh!?!
But there is more…

Over dinner I asked ma who the dear old nun might be. She went, “Oh! That was Sister B. What! You don’t even remember her? How can you not? Each time she meets me she specifically asks after you… blah blah blah.”… the blahs are her usual tirades on my poor recall ability.
I still wasn’t sure I remembered Sister B but I decided to keep my mouth shut. But after a few minutes ma again went, “You don’t actually remember her, do you?” And I nodded feeling slightly foolish and annoyed coz I was almost sure I did not know her from SA H-. So, this is what ma told me….

Apparently one day, quite a few years ago, Sister B was trying to walk back to school with more luggage than she could manage. There were a lot of other people around but some how I had
stepped up to offer her a helping hand. She was very pleased and on being asked, I had introduced myself as a past pupil from SA H-. Soon afterwards she met ma and asked after the family etc., subsequently she got down to discussing her daughters… And this being a tiny hill station Sister B put two and two together and figured out it was me!

It’s really amazing how she always remembered me for this casual gesture of kindness. And its even more amazing that I… yes I… don’t remember it at all!!

To think, I have always wanted to be like those people who did a good deed and forgot all about it until one rainy day it came back to chase all the clouds away.
And I have!
Wow! I didn’t know I had that in me. It’s amazing!! It made me feel all warm inside.

Good deeds do have a way of coming back specially at this time of the year; so said Archie.
And it did!
A long forgotten good deed came back to brighten up my otherwise dismal day.

mERr¥ Ch®IsTM√§s everyone!

A tangy rhyme

When it comes to writing poetry i have always drawn the line. I mean ... i do definitely appreciate good poetry... but thats about it. Writing one is definitely not my cuppa.

But last night Jigs called up requesting a rhyme as part of their parent orientation program in DBS, i sort of agreed. I figured it was for my little niece so what the heck!

So, assignment: Write a poem with a subject starting with K.
It took me 40 minutes before i came with a decent four line about a kite... yup! 40 minutes! thats how much i suck at rhyming
But was it what they wanted?
No! No! No! It had to start with K.

So there it started again... Another 20 minutes and there was another poem about Katy... i was getting better, i made it in half the time

But OOPS!! the poem was to have a K-word in each line. The more the better.

At this point i was losing my patience. Could they even get their assignment straight? I was almost at the point of saying something rude when Jigs started telling me how i owed him for the 3:00 am scooter ride to the station!!
That did it!
How dare he!!!
Not only had i saved his skin twice earlier, it was he who insisted... yes! insisted... on taking me to the station ... i had to give up a totally comfy car-ride for his scooter-ride in a chilly winter night!
So how dARe he!

Anyways... i was so mad at being treated thus. This is what i came up with!!

K- was the King of idiots.
But he believed not.
He thought he was a Knight-in-arms,
A master of knowledge, karisma and charms.
He thought he could get away with anything in life.
And kissed a fair maiden infront of his wife.
So what did K-'s kind wife do?
She kicked him all the way to Timbaktoo!

There you have it. A tangerine original!
It might be an extremely bad rhyme.
But having writen this atrocious bit of extremelly silly poetry... did i feel good or what!

PS: If u are wondering ... K- ?... thats what we call our Jigs. and karisma ... well that's creative license.

Silhouettes of silence

I have always wanted a photoblog.

Well... now i have one.
GO check it out.

Now all that remains is for me to take up photography and a ofcourse buy a camera ... one thats not attached to a cell phone.
jeez! talk abt doing things in complete reverse order!

Of wizards and vampires

I have just finished reading Breaking Dawn

And for my verdict on the Twilight vs. Harry Potter contest … drum rolls please ...

Harry Potter it is!

The HP novels are … Nah! I am not gonna start why I love those books so much coz for me that’s a never finishing topic. After all much has been said about it in cyberspace and otherwise.
But then again the magic of the books did not fully translate into silver screen. At least not for me. I mean, the subtleties as well as the humor of the book was … well!... lost in translation shall we say. Don’t get me wrong. I did like the movies. But as I have always maintained slower novels make better screen adaptations I must add that given the sheer volume of the novels combined with the labyrinth of plots the movies were brilliantly crafted.

So all I am saying is I like the HP novels better. Much better.

As far as Twilight goes, the books were not ordinary but sometimes boring and definitely not unputdownable. Perhaps the movie will do the trick.

That reminds me…
Twilight has long since been released and so is Half Blood Prince
AND I still haven’t seen either.
Urg!!! What am I doing??

Good news

I m going HOME tomorrow !!!

i think

Home is where the heart is

I have been stuck in S- for almost 3 months now. Life is almost at a stand still. Its not as if I m stuck with nothing to do. There is a host of things I could be doing. The least of which would fulfilling my social obligations to my n- relatives. Besides I could be taking a hobby class or a computer course or even getting a job…albeit as a temp!

But my heart just isn’t in any of it.
I just want to go home.

But can I go?
Certainly not!
The roads are unsafe and the trains suspended.