I know, I have a novel in me...

But it simply wouldn’t come out.
Nah! Its not as if its coz of lack of trying. Being the lackadaisical dreamer that I am, I spend hours envisaging images and conjuring plots. But when it comes to putting them into words…
Imagine, I, the perpetually chatterbox at a loss for words!!
I loathe to think that my visions will remain in my head… I don’t actually aspire to be a bestselling author … though that would be nice… but it certainly seems its going to be that way.

Perhaps I need to change medium… from laptop to pen and paper… or what about photography?… or better still motion pictures. May be I need a bit of Feng Shui … my newest interest – but that’s another story… to get my creative juices flowing and turn my luck.
Now should I reinforce my fire element to bring in higher passion…the creative kind… or is it more clarity I need which means I need to utilize metal.

Yikes! I think my thoughts are simply running amok!...again!

Perhaps some things are just not meant to be. But I am not sure I want to give up… rather I am gonna kick it up a notch. Till then… keep your fingers crossed!!